The Healthy Clinician Program


We offer a unique wellness program that rewards you

for improving your health with a free package of

luxury self-care products. Our promise to you is that if

we fail to deliver, you get your money back and get to keep

the products. 

Why choose us?

stress and burnout

The new pandemic that devastates clinicians


How to become naturally immuned in COVID times


The stunning findings of Positive Psychology



Money back guarantee


"Happiness is a habit -

Cultivate it."


"Find what makes you feel good and add   more of it to your life."


Why self-care products can change your life.


Essential information for a rich and healthy life.

Why choose us

Information (and a strategy to use it) is the most important resource of the 21st century. Literally, your life depends on it. From nutrition to your mental habits to the self-care and wellness practices you adopt, your physical health, emotional well-being, resilience, and functionality depend on choices based on quality information. 

Instead of spending invaluable time sifting through an overwhelming quantity of health facts and advice, you can trust our team of psychologists and wellness coaches to do that for you. We apply the strictest standards of critical thinking and present to you only rigorously researched, evidence-based wellness practices and products. 

Our program combines a unique variety of tools and practices that can make you bulletproof against COVID and the job-related stress typical for the medical profession. See the Programs and Newsletter sections above for prices.


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