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Boost your Immune System

The Happy Doctor Program employs the best science findings from several fields to help you improve you immune function and stay healthy in times of increased risk. These fields include the Wim Hof Method, EFT, stress reduction, telomere lengthening, breathing practices, brain-heart coherence, positive psychology, cryotherapy (cold exposure), exercise, nutrition, and supplements.

The fact is, there are simple evidence-based tools out there that can help you take your health under your own control and forget about getting sick once and for all. Research shows that people who practice preventive care and make these practices part of their daily self-care routine rarely get sick. When functioning optimally, our immune system works so well that even when exposed to a virus, it kills it within hours and you don't experience any symptoms.

The Secret of our Immune System

It is quite amazing what our immune system can do. From not getting sick for years to spontaneous remissions (shrinking a large tumor in several days), doctors have documented its wonderful powers and have slowly come to understand them. The bottom line is, if your immune system functions optimally, you simply do not get sick or recover in no time. The tragedy of our contemporary life is that we suppress our immune system with chronic stress, increased blood sugar, crappy food, air pollution, lack of exercise, etc. To get an idea of how bad thing are, the average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 1360 grams  (3 pounds) of sugar consumed in one week whereas the weekly recommendation is 175 grams (about 6 ounces). This is about eight times more than the maximum amount allowed.

As a result of our merely functioning immune system, currently 50% of the population gets cancer AND Alzheimer's in their lifetime, and chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing. Clinicians are particularly vulnerable due to busy schedule, job-related stress, and multiple other factors.


Maintaining strong immunity is especially important in COVID times. Now with the Delta variant ravaging many states and being way more contagious and dangerous, it is a matter of life and death to have a systematic approach towards our health in general and immune system in particular.


Our goal is to teach you quick and easy self-care practices that can offset the negative effects of contemporary life. Below you will find a short description of our main immune boosting tool - The Wim Hof Method.

The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof is a Dutch guy called the Iceman. He developed a system that includes breathing exercises, frequent cold exposure (cold showers, ice baths), stretching, and mindfulness. He is world-record holder in withstanding extreme cold exposure under several disciplines, such as the fastest half-marathon on snow and ice while barefoot, and the longest duration while fully immersed in crushed ice (1 hour and 50 minutes). He claims to achieve these records through a special technique, which is based on g-Tummo meditation, and that he is capable to regulate his own autonomic nervous system. A recent case study demonstrated that he could indeed control the autonomic stress response during endotoxemia by using this technique. Multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the method. The method can be easily taught and we offer coaching by a licensed WHM professional instructor.



The Wim Hof Method (WHM) – through conscious breathing techniques, cold exposure, mindset training, and yoga movements – is an evidence-based program that offers multiple benefits. The method can be performed in a short period and at nearly no cost.

The method is a natural way to:

• Improve our mental well-being

• Boost and harmonize our immune system. Improve immune function                                                    and modulate the immune response

• Increase pain tolerance

• Improve sleep quality and decrease insomnia

• Train our blood vessels and cardiovascular system

• Optimize our breathing system

• Alleviate symptoms of depression, fatigue, and chronic pain

• Speed up the recovery process

• Control our nervous state

• Build our stress resilience

• Lower chronic inflammation through the reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines (by training the nervous and circulatory systems)

•  Regulate blood pressure and heart rate by switching between stress and relaxation, between “fight or flight” and “rest, digest, and repair”

• Overcome our fear of discomfort

• Optimize our thermoregulation system

• Increase our metabolism (the chemical processes that occur within our body)

• Relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, Parkinson’s, asthma, sarcoidosis, and vasculitis.

Optimal performance 

The method allows us to:

• Gain more energy in everyday life as well as while performing and training

• Fast recovery from physical exertion

• Heighten bodily awareness

• Increase willpower

Reconnect and be happy

The method allows us to:

• Take a journey inside ourselves

• Discover our true nature regardless of our beliefs

• Feel reconnected with nature and with ourselves

• Improve focus and creativity

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Enhance our mood and feel good

• Boost confidence

• Strengthen decision making, memory & learning

• Increase self-awareness

• Experience period of complete bliss, gratitude, and love

WHM has a deep impact on our body and mind, the ideal training ground for learning to deal with discomfort, and increase our resilience while keeping us Happy, Strong & Healthy.​


According to a 2014 study, people who did the WHM had cortisol levels that normalized more quickly after activating the stress response. This has tremendous benefits fighting chronic stress and chronic inflammation, the two scourges of contemporary life.

Several studies have demonstrated that the method can be easily learned and the positive effects are available to everyone. Here are the results of an independent survey on the method, performed by James J. Allen in 2018 in a population of 241 individuals:

Around 41% of respondents indicated that they were suffering from specific complaints or conditions when they began practicing the method. Health consciousness and curiosity were the most common motivations for experiencing the method.

Out of those who indicated that they were suffering from specific complaints or conditions when they began the method, around 84% reported improvements. Around 15% indicated that these conditions stayed the same. No side effects were reported. 98% of respondents reported experiencing physical and psychological changes that they attribute to their practice. Nearly all of the respondents (98,3%) continued to practice after initiation. 54,4% practice the method daily, and 28,7% do so a few times a week.

In another study, researchers concluded that through practicing WHM learned in a short-term training program, the sympathetic nervous system and immune system can be voluntarily influenced. Healthy volunteers practicing the techniques exhibited profound increases in the release of epinephrine, which in turn led to increased production of anti-inflammatory mediators and subsequent dampening of the proinflammatory cytokine response elicited by intravenous administration of bacterial endotoxin.

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