Our Programs

​1. A comprehensive wellness/self-care program that underscores preventive care via establishing a healthy and informed lifestyle. Self-care is called "the third leg of medicine" and offers a large variety of simple daily habits that can transform your life for good.


2. A stress-reduction program for clinicians who suffer from burnout or chronic stress. The accent here is on immediately lowering anxiety and establishing techniques for offsetting the negative effects of job-related stress. Long-term goals include building resilience and helping you to take full control over your physical health and emotional well-being.


Both programs incorporate a multitude of evidence-based and doctors recommended practices (breathing exercises, positive self-talk, progressive muscle relaxation, affirmations) and wellness products. The programs are specifically designed for busy medical professionals and emphasize short relaxation techniques and basic daily routines that reduce stress and improve well-being. There is a strong accent on individual coaching by a trained psychologist (Ph.D.) as well as on establishing a personalized daily regimen.

​An important element in the program is the combined application of mind-body practices and self-care products (massage, aromatherapy). All products are chosen for their capacity to activate the relaxation response of the body which enhances the effects of the practices. Products are provided for free thanks to our sponsoring partners.

The mind-body practices we offer come from the fields of:

Stress Reduction

Megan Weigel, DNP, ARNP-c, MSCN

Melanie Greenberg, PhD

Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD 

UC San Francisco


Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School


Kristin Neff, PhD, University of Austin, Texas

Christopher Germer, PhD, Harvard Medical School



Life Purpose

Patrick McKnight, PhD and Todd Kashdan, PhD

George Mason University


Robert Emmons, PhD

UC Davis